By Simona Fava


Simona Fava
Born and raised in Italy, Simona is the founder of Altitude Design, a graphic and surface design studio based in Denver, Colorado.

She has a 20 years background in graphic design and has always loved the universe of surface design. Her passion for patterns began a long time ago when she was a student visiting the Silk School (now The Educational Silk Museum) in Como, Italy. 

Simona provides graphic design solutions for clients in the US and Europe; specializing in branding, print design, and photo post production. Clients include Red Bull Media House, Costa Cruises, Archdiocese of Denver, U.C. Sampdoria and much more.

As a surface designer, she illustrates products within home decor, textile, stationery, and giftware. Her patterns are colorful, wild and organic with accents of a feminine touch. They are inspired by her love of art, music, and appreciation of nature. 

She is truly happy when she can bring a doodle to life in a pattern and empower the Pantone scale colors in everyday objects. 
Altitude Design
"Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides".
Junichiro Tanizaki